Our Story


Our passion provides quality

Welcome to our woodshop. Yes it is tiny as we believe big things can be achieved with less. The goal of setting up this workshop was to bring new life to used stuff because there still can be a lot of beauty in it and the recourses on our planet are valuable. Beside that I have a passion for climbing and as all of you I need to train to accief my goals. So why not combining both of my passions and create something usefull out of it. 

For that we've created a hangboard, wich had to be simple but affective. Made out of FSC oakwood or beech and carefully machined on a CNC machine. After that all boards wil be hand finisched, sanded and checked. So we provide a quality product and offer a lifetime  guaranty.  For those of you who realy care about our enviroment. Currenly we are working on a hangboard made out of fully reclaimed wood.  Same product but with a green touch.. stay tuned..

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