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There are a lot of products in your store where there is only one item available.

True! Most of our products are made out of reclaimed wood, old furnuture or used products. It is part of our filosophy. Also we are depending on what materials we have in stock. This is what makes our products unique. Never the less. If you require more than one or two items of the same feel free to contact us..

Can you also provide larger quantities or custom products?

Yes we can. If you like to order al larger amount or a product especialy designed for your needs. Feel free to contact us.

Why don't you use new materials to create your products

In some cases like our hangboards we do,  but we believe there is enough waste on our planet. Most metal and wood can be easily reclaimed from used furnuture where a lot of it is just thrown away because it looks oldfashion or people just want something new. Also there was a time that we use to build out of solid wood instead of laminated. Therefore you'll get a quality product out of real wood.

Why do you wax your hangboards

During fabrication, storing and transport the wood is vunarable for moist and dirt. To prevent your board from getting damaged we seal it with beewax. This is partly absorbed into the wood but will tear off quickly. 

Is there guaranty on my board

Yes. If mounted and used correctly we give a 5 year guaranty on each board. Don't hasitate to contact us if something is wrong. 

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